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World India is an integrated IT company offering end to end solutions, including pay per click services in India.

We provide efficient and affordable pay per click services in Mumbai.

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As mentioned above, PPC or pay per click marketing strategy is expensive. Our technical team has years of experience to improve effectiveness of PPC spending. In short, we make sure of a high ROI of PPC campaigns by using the most efficient keywords.


Report management is a one stop window to analyse and view the results of any given campaign. We look at it for several metrics to improve the overall efficiency. Our team is capable of tweaking the right parameters after viewing several prospects and data provided by campaign report manager.


Initiating PPC campaign is not child's play. After building a series of efficient keywords we build a PPC landing page. It simply takes the user to a particular page also called landing page which is devoid of extra frills. This page is crisp, to the point and beckons the user to take action through a bold and distinct buy button.


World India, a renowned PPC company in India provides a gamut of services related to hosting, web development, social media marketing and content writing. The last two services come in handy while generating leads and sales. This is typically achieved through blogging, Facebook, and email.


Paid traffic generation is a cumbersome and highly dedicated task because most of the clicks come via organic search and that too from the first page. At World India we make sure we create campaigns which offer a decent paid traffic.


Our creative team first builds a series goals. This is followed by choosing the right keywords which incidentally are the lifeline of any PPC campaign and its success largely depends on it. The rest of the parameters are then added along with daily, weekly or monthly budget.


A good title, short summary, description, statistics and keyword rich URL are some of the metrics which any good PPC campaign should carry. We follow this format religiously, assuring a high ROI for our esteemed customers.


One of the best ways to lower CPC is to lower the bids. The team at World India chooses the most competitive pricing while selecting the keywords. Instead of bidding for costly keywords our team builds alternate variations and different match types. This reduces CPC cost as well as turns any campaign an efficient marketing mechanism.


We process the goals of an online product, service and based on it create and manage bids. These are frequently tweaked to find that perfect fit, the one that achieves the set goals. We are one of the finest PPC Company in Mumbai specialising in bid management.


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Social Media is the lifeline of all businesses today. However, the question is not just about participating in these business and blogging / community platforms. The question is about exploiting the same for increased business revenues.

World India does exactly that! It guarantees high search engine ranking, page dominance, fetches quality traffic and a host of benefits that leads to better sales and profits. We have a qualified team who can efficiently manage social media and YouTube accounts of businesses and celebrities.

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